Timeless & Ethereal,

Leading You Into Another World,

Where Fantasy Blends Into Reality.

Flowers have always been my greatest love, along with the great Australian landscape. As a child I was always wandering the wild bush tracks admiring the delicate beauty of the tiny wildflowers that I saw along the way.

Most of my Landscape Photography, when time permits, has been taken in the Blue Mountains of NSW Australia, and also from some of my favourite spots up and down the coast of NSW.

I strive to portray the sheer beauty and essence of what I see out in the field, or in the studio. My Flower Photography is mainly done from home in the studio and from many of the gardens that I have designed and created.

Over the years my work has been admired, and has also inspired many people to create their own beautiful images.

I currently reside in NSW Australia with my Husband and Son.