Prostanthera Ovalifolia Variegata

Purple flowers of Prostanthera Ovalifolia or more commonly known as mint bush.



Pretty purple flowers of the Australian Native Plant Prostanthera Ovalifolia Variegata, or more commonly known as Mint bush.

Spring has sprung in my garden with all the plants putting on a wonderful display, but I think the mint bush is my fave at the moment with its beautiful purple flowers and variegated foliage which contrasts so well against other plants. Then there is the glorious minty fragrance of it's leaves which scents the air after rain or as you brush past the leaves.

This particular Mint bush is not hard to grow, it tolerates a wide variety of well drained soils and requires a sunny position to flower well. I like to pick the foliage and use it in floral arrangements, the stems last quite a while in a vase.


This plant makes a great subject for Flower photography.

I used a 60 mm macro lens for this shot and to create a pleasing composition I got quite close to the flowers as they are small.




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