Govetts Leap Falls – Bridal Veil Falls

Govetts Leap is one of my favourite photography spots not only for it's glorious sunrises and sunsets, but also for it's beautiful view of the Bridal Veil Waterfall which falls over Taylor Wall.

This famous waterfall which is the highest falls in the Blue Mountains, has a drop of around 180 metres and was discovered in 1831 by a Government Surveyor William Romaine Govett.

A Bridal Veil Waterfall gets it's name because it resembles a Bridal Veil. There are two Bridal Veil Waterfalls in the Blue Mountains. One is at Govetts Leap at Blackheath and the other one is at Leura. Govetts Leap Falls are also known as Bridal Veil Falls and Govetts Leap.

In September 2017 I was at Govetts Leap early in the morning just after the sun rose, it was still very cold at this time of the year and I remember how my fingers ached from the cold as I walked along a trail that took me to the other side of the waterfall. Banksia's and other wildflowers were in bloom along Taylors Wall and the waterfall - Bridal Veil Falls was absolutely beautiful.

At this particular time a lot of places are still closed for bush walkers and Photographers. The Grose Valley needs time to heal from the bush fires that ravaged through the Blue Mountains in 2019 - 2020, and many other places in Australia. So all walks that take you down into the valley from Govetts Leap are closed.

A beautiful Bridal Veil waterfall flows over Taylor Wall which is covered in wildflowers in early spring. Govetts Leap Blackheath Blue Mountains NSW Australia.

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