Early Morning Photography

Vibrant yellow wattle flowers in a field on a misty winter morning. Cobbitty NSW Australia.

Landscape Photography is about being out in all sorts of weather, and at different times of the day. I usually prefer to be out very early in the morning, before the sun rises. This gives me time to set up my gear and look for different angles of the subject that I am Photographing. Because I am very busy, this time of the morning also frees up the rest of the day for other things that need to be done.

Dawn Photography can be challenging, the light if there is any is very low and it may hard to focus manually, which is why sometimes I may use auto focus. I also find this particular time of the day wonderful for catching mist and fog over the landscape.

Being up at this time of the morning you tend to encounter less people and everything seems more peaceful and serene and very, very quiet. In Winter it can be very cold, icy or snowing, and I tend to stay away from early mornings in Winter, but sometimes I find that I really need to be out there, amongst nature. I need the challenge, the excitement of what may unfold at any given moment.

I also love to be out in wild weather, if only for a short amount of time,  just to feel the wind in my hair, the rain on my face, it makes me feel alive, and more appreciative of the fact that I have a warm and comfortable place to retreat to.

With the image above, on that particular morning, I waited until it was light enough for me to see. It was very cold with no wind, but there was some light mist and fog about. I wanted to photograph the wattle that I see on my daily walks. Mist and fog are elements that I like to photograph in the landscape, they add an ethereal and sometimes moody atmosphere that is constantly changing from one moment to the next.


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